A decentralized application (dApp) is an application built on a decentralized network that combines a smart contract and a frontend user interface… So if you don’t know, now you know.
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Web 2.0
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WTF is 3Advance_

3Advance is a boutique app development team for web and mobile startups.
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Web 2.0 Experts

Based in Washington DC, 3Advance was founded in 2010 to address the opportunities sparked by the opening of the iPhone App Store. Few developers knew how to make Objective C apps, and many were unwilling to risk their comfortable Web 2.0 gigs to pursue this new unproven technology. Now, in 2022, it’s estimated that App Store alone supports 2.1M jobs, and the app economy is thriving. Some of today’s most successful tech companies were born in the ashes of the Great Recession, adopting a “mobile first” philosophy that enabled a clearer focus on MVP than ever before.

Since 2012, 3Advance has produced 100s of apps across web, iOS, Android, and even on connected cars. We have opened up new markets for large organizations like NPR, and we’ve kick-started new businesses - taking greenfield startups from Zero to One, and beyond. While our obvious focus has always been on User Experience, under the hood, our commitment to emerging technology has kept us busy, and pushed us forward. In 2017, we reinvented ourselves as a Serverless tech team. This major investment enabled us to use the true power of the Cloud to provide low cost, and infinitely scalable infrastructure to our startup clients.

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What web3 means to us_

Blockchain has delivered the ultimate opportunity to improve the web as we know it.
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Web3 Pioneers

3Advance is at the forefront of new technology, leading the development of game-changing web3 projects. It’s exciting. It’s challenging. It’s the future. Web3 offers the unique opportunity to reimagine many of our systems, making interoperability and access be assured from the beginning. This is not a drill. While the cynics scream from the bleachers, we’re moving boldly forward, and embracing this new technology.

Web3 is not synonymous with the Metaverse, but crypto and web3 will power these virtual environments - enabling trade within, and asset transfer between them. Already, cryptocurrencies are enabling cheaper, freer transactions without the control or costs imposed by the massive financial institutions traditionally profiting from every digital purchase.

Web3 and NFTs offer a future where digital - and physical - asset sale and tracking is accessible. From ticket sales to titles, non-fungible tokens will define our right to access that which we’ve paid for. Our wallets will not only contain our crypto coins and NFTs, but also our keys, and our identification across platforms. We believe the future of single-sign on is your crypto wallet.

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What we can do for you_

3Advance brings successful product development to innovative web3 projects.
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Web 2.0 + Web3

3Advance has been developing Web3 applications since early 2021. Like others in the space, we are new, and we are learning every day. But our success has always come from embracing the challenge, and this is no different. As a Dapper Labs partner, we have already successfully developed a major custom NFT platform and marketplace on the Flow blockchain, and have other web3 capability with Ethereum, Algorand and Solana.

Our expertise in design, user experience, front-end development, serverless architecture and Web 2.0 is being applied to the blockchain with the goal of making it easier for non-techies to embrace this new world. We are integrating web3 wallets with Web 2.0 applications, and developing user-friendly on-ramps to new technologies.

We provide the expertise to bring new web3 platforms to life. More importantly, we bring a focus on product development so that your business is more likely to succeed too.

Our cross-functional Design Sprints are perfect for realizing and designing your web3/startup MVP, and for R&D to determine your NFT, smart contact and blockchain options for your new venture. Our dedicated Development Sprints provide a full, experienced dev team to pull off what others consider a Moonshot, but what you believe is inevitable.

Most of all, we provide a proven team that will work for you, and with you. Your vision is our opportunity. Your success is our success, and our future is determined by your impact.

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